Scoring machine SM-01

Scoring machine SM-01

All three weapons

Foil, epee and sabre.

Designed according to FIE rules.

Firmware upgrades from a Windows computer

Cheap, lightweight and powerful.

Simple and affordable fencing scoring machine (priced to extreme low).

Powered either from a wall outlet or from a portable power bank (DC5V, 1A).

Supports connections to an external display.


Full functional system

Full compliance to FIE technical rules, supports FIE SEMI 1.0 global competition information system standard.

Suitable for competitions of highest levels.

Bright lights and strong sound signals, replaceable external lights.

Connectors for auxiliary equipment including light repeaters.

Without any restrictions

Includes apparatus SM-01, media player, display, plastic body, attached lights, camera, stand, RJ45 connector, USB connector for wired remote.

Mounting holes compatible with any TV stand supporting standard VESA MIS-F 600x400mm.

Connectors for auxiliary equipment including light repeaters.